We’re wrapping up our Sunday Summer Sessions at the Pub with a special performance by the talented J-Skillz and guests this Sunday September 25th.
There really is no better way to finish of Summer Sunday Sessions than with one of The Pubs favourites of yesteryear, Jeff Steiert, otherwise known as J-Skillz. He plays harmonica, he plays kazoos, he’ll leave you tappin, in your shoes. Mainly rock, some original tunes, of course J-Skillz, will deliver the blues. A looping pedal, with many sounds, a guitar that sings, and a drum that pounds. The stones will roll, the heads will talk, the fighters will foo, when learning to walk. Sunday night, six to nine Park place pub, be on time September 25, keep your calendar clear Caesars, whiskey, wine n beer. Who knows what guests he may have to bring the cheer. Send the Summer out in style Fernie!

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