In operation since 1981, the Park Place Lodge is proud to be an independent hotel which is locally owned and operated. For over 30 years the Sombrowski family, along with the hotel management team and staff, has enthusiastically welcomed guests to the hotel and our beautiful community of Fernie.

Here at the Park Place Lodge, our approach to hospitality and working in our community is very straightforward:

We are committed to trying to create a hotel experience that offers guests good value for your money while at the same time working towards providing guests with amenities and services that might be expected at the better hotels of the world. Our team seeks to offer an individualized and customized feel free of the bland monotony of so many franchise and chain hotels.

We are also committed to staying an independent property that is privately, locally and family owned and where all the management and hosts live and are committed to the Elk Valley.

We are furthermore committed to creating a hotel that is environmentally friendly. Therefore we have made a commitment to not use billboards to advertise our property to reduce visual pollution, implemented efficient technologies to reduce energy consumption and we continue to try to find ways to make the hotel more environmentally friendly. We welcome your support of our efforts by either recommending your friends so that we don’t need to use billboards or by separating paper from your other garbage so we can recycle it.

We are also committed to supporting and being a patron of the arts, culture and sport in Canada. We hope that you enjoy some of the art you see on our walls, which is all created by Canadian artists some of whom are or will become important in the Canadian Art World. We are also pleased to be patrons of the Fernie Museum, the Fernie Arts Station, the Fernie Public Library as well as a number of sporting teams and events in the community.

We hope our version of genuine Fernie hospitality will appeal to you and we look forward to hosting you during your next stay!

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