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PDF version of menu: BISTRO_BREAKFAST_MENU_Dec10-21-OLV

Thank you to all our regular customers for your continued support and patience as we work with the community and province towards safely reopening all of the Park Place Lodge operations to our customers. This is part of Phase 2 of our plan to re-open food & beverage operations at the hotel and we are now able to offer guests Breakfast Service (Bistro), Lunch Service (Pub) and Dinner Service (Pub). This phase also includes Boxed Breakfast-To-Go options for guests as well as room services (Lunch & Dinner) for hotel guests and a range of dining options in our meeting spaces.

Bistro Boxed Breakfast-To-Go & Take Away for Hotel Guests

For hotel guests who are unvaccinated or do not wish to dine in the Bistro, you are still welcome to order and pick up your breakfast through the front desk or take advantage of our Boxed Breakfast-To-Go options.


Lunch & Dinner Room Service for Hotel Guests

Room Service for Lunch & Dinner  is available Sunday to Saturday for hotel guests for those wishing to dine in-room. Enhanced food service and delivery  safety protocols have been implemented to ensure our room service meets all government guidelines. Please contact the hotel front desk for instructions on how to order room service. The full Pub Menu is currently available for room service: Pub Room Service Menu

Recently renovated, the cozy, comfortable Bistro offers guests a quiet, relaxed setting where you can enjoy great food & friendly conversation. Open daily for Breakfast, the menu focuses home style comfort food & classics largely made from scratch, always served up with a smile.

Breakfast-Park Place Lodge Hotel Fernie 

Max Restaurant-Park Place Lodge Hotel Fernie  

What’s in a Name

For those of you who have lived in Fernie for an extended time or for those guests who have visited the hotel over the years,  you will recognize the familiar name of the Bistro.  Although we have used other names over the years, with Max Restaurant being the most recent,  we felt it was time to go back to our roots. With the renovation and refresh of the restaurant space in Summer 2018, we wanted to bring back our original name. The Bistro, a tried and true classic, much like many of the favourite classic dishes we prepare in our kitchen!

December 23, 2021 Update:

Both the Pub and Bistro offer full meal service and remain open during the newest round of restrictions.

In addition to the earlier restrictions the following the guidelines are now in effect:

  • In the the Pub and Bistro, patrons must stay in the seat to which they are assigned, or at which they seat themselves, and must not move from table to table or mingle with patrons from other parties when not seated.
  • In the the Pub and Bistro, no more than 6 patrons may be seated at a table, unless the party consists of one set of parents and their minor children.
  • In the the Pub and Bistro, patrons must remain seated, except to  to use a self- serve food or drink station, a self-serve lottery ticket dispenser, pay at a pay station, use washroom facilities, to provide assistance to another person who requires care or first aid, when leaving the premises, or to play pool, billiards or darts, with a maximum of five other persons who are in the same party as the patron and who are seated with the patron.
  • In the the Pub and Bistro, we have adjusted seating capacity to ensure adequate spacing between patrons.

Earlier Restrictions from December 1, 2021: Proof of Vaccination Requirement – Provincial Public Health Order

Thank you to all the guests who have show kindness and understanding while following the new Proof of Vaccine mandate which took effect earlier this fall. The new Public Health Order requires a Vaccine Card and Photo ID upon entry for anyone aged 12 years and up. This applies to dining in the Bistro, our meeting spaces as well as the Pub. For those who are unvaccinated, you are still welcome to order and pick up your breakfast through the front desk or take advantage of our Boxed Breakfast-To-Go options.

In addition, Masks mandatory in public indoor spaces for those aged 12 and older. This includes the food and beverage outlets such as the Bistro prior to and after being seated.

In addition the following guidelines implemented on July 1st still are in place:

  • Patrons are asked respect physical distancing, by remaining 2m (6ft) away from other guests and staff.
  • Please continue to follow all signage.
  • If you are feeling sick, please do not enter The Bisto ⁣
  • The Bisto continues to ensure health and safety policies to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission remain
  • High contact touch points and washrooms are being sanitized frequently
  • Staff are washing their hands regularly, and there is hand sanitizer available at the entrance. ⁣

As a final note, we kindly ask that all guests are patient and courteous towards our team. We are extremely proud of the way they have adapted to so many changes on the fly throughout this ordeal. Also, you will notice that as we work through the Covid-19 challenges, we have had to limit our drink and food menus. Also, we have added new protocols and our service team has extra health and safety responsibilities, this may impact the style or speed of service. We are doing our best to try and get it right and would be thrilled if you can give us your feedback. Do you have any awesome ideas that would improve your experience? Shoot us an email at Again, thanks for your support, we truly appreciate it!

To learn more about our hotel Covid-19 Safety Protocols:


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